All 2023 spring classes will be held online via Zoom.

“I originally became interested in Italian lessons because I wanted to challenge myself in an area where I had very little success academically, foreign languages, but quickly, I became enamored with the possibility of learning the language well enough to feel comfortable conversing. I now feel perfectly comfortable communicating with my Italian friends and also on any trip anywhere where the language is spoken, whether it be Italy or for that matter Argentina or Brazil.”

“It is a total immersion into the Italian Language, Italian Culture, History, Literature, taught by Isabella to small groups of students in a cozy family setting and a fun, dynamic, clear and diverse way. Love each class!!”

“Isabella is an engaging, creative teacher who brings the language to life and brings life to the language. Isabella inspires students to learn the language, but also, by introducing students to the broader world of Italian culture, history, literature and cuisine, instills in students a deep understanding and appreciation of Italy’s contributions to the world at large. Isabella exemplifies the treasures of Italy and the qualities of a true teacher.”

“Parla Presto has enhanced my life by teaching me the Italian culture through literature, writers, movies, textbooks, games and interaction with others who share a common passion.”

“For one hour, I am transported out of my mundane life, freeing my mind from the day to day and plunging into a world where my mind is working on a totally different plane. I feel as refreshed after class as if I took an hour spinning class. The beautiful voice and method of “La Perricone”; her ability and patience pulling words, phrases and ideas out of her students, encourages all to excel. She makes you want to do well, and by doing well, you become happy.”