Discover Italy with Parla Presto!

I always say to my new clients that Parla Presto is many things – not only language! It is true that we meet every week to learn how to speak Italian but it is during our trips that we cement our friendship and our connection.

Spring Trips

In the spring I design what I call a “secret itinerary”: 10 days’ vacation during which we explore a special corner of Italy that I select and fill with the most interesting activities. I choose hidden gems in my beautiful country and I handpick a number of very special experiences to share with my people. I provide you with a package that includes hotel accommodation, breakfast and dinner every day, 1 hour of Italian class (not mandatory), and some excursions.

There is always a lot to do and I am there all the time as your personal concierge.

Fall Trips

In the fall, more than exploring, we just live and absorb the pace and the life of one place: this is a 4-week full immersion program in a charming, relatively small city.

People stay as long as they want, either for the entire month or just for two, three, or even one week. This is a more relaxing time with some set activities during the week but also some free time to do your own traveling or just to enjoy being Italian for a month.

Private Trips

Upon request I customize private trips: you tell me what your dream destinations are, what you like, and what you enjoy doing on your trip … and I make it happen! I stay within your budget and you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Traveling is a big part of the Parla Presto community life, it takes me a full year to organize each adventure and I love doing it! I hope you will give my trips a try!

Learn more about our upcoming trips!

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