Meet Isabella

I'm the founder and the director of Parla Presto, and I've taught Italian in Boston since 1997. I started at the Boston Language Institute, Newton Continuing Education, and at the Boston Center for Adult Education. Since 1998 I've enjoyed teaching and lecturing in different settings. In addition, I have been on the faculty of Tufts University, teaching Italian language and Italian Cinema, for over 18 years.

Previously, I worked in film and television for more than 12 years in Rome. My credits include acting in the films “Ginger & Fred” (F. Fellini), “Turnè” (G. Salvatores), “O’Re” (G. Magni) and guest-starring in the network TV variety shows “Proffimamente” (E. Trapani) and “Fantastico” (RAI production). I have also written feature-length screenplays and teleplays both in Italy and in the U.S.